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Beep Test Team Pro

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Need to score high on the Shuttle Run Beep Test? Are you a trainer that needs to test your team members' fitness? The Beep Test (also known as bleep test, multi-stage fitness test, pacer test, Leger-test or 20m shuttle run test) is used around the World by Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Fire and schools to measure fitness.Beep Test Pro records and evaluates your performance to enable fast improvement. This is combined with interval training targeted for the Beep Test.- Individual and team beep testing.- Interval training.- Progress graph of results.- Email team results.- Record level and shuttle progress.- Calculates VO2 levels and ranks performance based on age and gender.- Unlimited users with personalised settings and results.- Converts level and shuttles to a decimal equivalent.- Multi language English, Spanish and Portuguese
Suitable for running training, marathon / half marathon, personal trainer, interval sprint training, commando special forces training, fun run, marine corps, aerobic training, lower blood pressure, physical fitness, health and fitness, Navy Seal, gym instructor, you name it!